"Not everyone is meant to go with you to the top"” - Juanie Ky



I love music everyday of my life. It's a way to deal with my emotions and letting go of stress, a way to get away from problems. I started singing in church. I attended choir in school all the way to my senior year and attended  All-State  choir. After I moved to Columbus, Ohio where I was signed as an artist of Prophecy Recordz. The grind and energy was there from working out on the treadmill while singing, to rehersals everyday, vocal lessons and 100s of shows. After the Label I started my solo journey. I get so much love when I perform, it makes me go even harder. I know there's people that listen to me everyday because my music is not limited. I sing and write all my music from gospel, country, r&b and rap. My testimony is a movie that can help people that have gone through similar things I've been through. Music is therapy to deal with daily emotions. That"s why I thrive to become the best! To be a Legend I will have to endure the hardest test and trials in order to have the biggest blessing.

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